Core Values
Core Values

At Northwood School the five core values that best define our community are Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Courage. These values are the very foundation of the student handbook and therefore the rules and regulations that you will have to live by. It is your task to make the best of our rules and to trust that they are designed to embrace these core values and help you be as productive as possible.


The quality of being morally or legally accountable, reliable and worthy of trust. We must hold no one but ourselves responsible for our own actions or inactions, as we know we are free to choose them.


The unqualified high regard for others and the appreciation for their differences. We must respect ourselves and others, both as the people we are and the people we strive to become.


The consistent strength to adhere to a code of moral reasoning in spite of the personal discomfort this might bring. We must show moral strength and consistency in matters personal, academic, social, and athletic.


The empathic capacity to consider the plight of another. We must endeavor to put ourselves in the shoes of others before passing judgment, treating someone harshly, or speaking cruelly either to someone’s face or behind his or her back.


The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand fear during times of challenge; mettle, spirit, resolution, tenacity. We must find the strength to stand and represent these guidelines in all aspects of our lives, alone or in public, and to claim these principles as our own.

Collectively the core values should support student conduct. All students should know that their word is their bond, that they should respect the integrity of personal privacy and personal property, that they respect the academic process and that they always behave courteously.

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